How to get unstuck and build momentum toward any goal.

This course offers a clear and distinct 3³ process called Escalation, which guarantees to help you get unstuck and build momentum toward any goal. This process has been used by leaders, organizations, and individuals under a wide variety of circumstances. It has continually proven to be effective at getting you unstuck!

What’s Included

  • The Complete Guide to the Escalate 3³ Process
  • Explainer Videos & Examples
  • The Unstuck Template
  • The 7 Escalations
  • The Top Action Hacks Guide
  • Recorded Interview w/Cordia Harrington
  • The Escalate eBook”


How to get closer to your goals in every circumstance

This course seamlessly blends principles of emotional IQ and strategic thinking. Everyone looks like a strategic thinker when things are going well, but it’s in the intense moments of uncertainty and emotion where strategic thinking falls apart. This 15-part course outlines The Art of Strategic Reaction process, teaching you how to leverage your emotions and think strategically when the stakes are highest.

What’s Included

  • The Complete 7-Step Art of Strategic Reaction Process
  • 15 Course Modules Explaining the Science and Success of Every Step
  • Explainer Videos & Examples
  • Complete Course Guidebook
  • Strategic Reaction Assessment
  • 6 Dimensions of Emotional IQ Assessment
  • Assignments, Tools, and Templates
  • Ongoing Access to Live Weekly Webinars
  • Access to All Recorded Webinars
  • Invite-only Access to Leadership Forums”


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Unleash the most powerful solutions to every problem

The most powerful and comprehensive strategic thinking course on the planet! Learn every trategy tool that matters and how to unlock your brain’s potential to find solutions and create opportunities. From uniqueness and leverage to lateral and divergent thinking, you’ll start seeing the opportunities in every challenge.