"Learn to Kick @$$ at Leadership by Creating Relationships of Purpose"

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Create relationships that work for your goals, not against them.

Kyle Brost helps you harness Relationships of Purpose so you can Kick @$$ at What Matters Most.

Utilizing the tools of The Art Of Strategic Reaction, Escalate, and Challenge Journaling, Kyle can take your team from reactionary to Strategic.

The Art of Strategic Reaction

The Art of Strategic Reaction enables leaders and their teams to leverage their emotional responses, think strategically, and react powerfully so that you get the results you want, not the ones you’re forced to.


Escalate is a practical guide to get yourself unstuck and build lifelong momentum. The easy to follow step-by-step process virtually guarantees you will accomplish your biggest goal yet.

Who’s Kyle Brost?

Kyle is the CEO of Spark Policy Institute, an organization dedicated to helping organizations “Do Good, Even Better” by developing approaches to solve the world’s most complex problems through research, evaluation, and consulting.

He’s also the Founder of Choice Strategy Group, an official member of the Forbes Coaches Council, and has been published in The New York Times, Forbes, The Huffington Post, and The Good Men Project.

The Art Of Strategic Reaction Podcast

It’s high-time we start reacting strategically instead of emotionally, especially when it comes to business. Join us on our podcast where we give your organization tips, strategies, and insights from some of the world’s most elite business minds.

Trigger Happiness

Join Kyle for his Facebook Live Show, where he shows you how to create purpose, become self-aware, leverage your emotions, and think strategically to accomplish what you really want out of life, leadership, and business.

These uniquely designed courses will strengthen you and your leadership by teaching you the skills to think and react strategically. The content of these courses, seamlessly blends strategic thinking with emotional IQ.
Kyle’s team offers a range of services, including speaking, corporate training, consulting, and executive coaching. With each of his services you get a team of support, with Kyle’s expertise in strategic thinking and emotional IQ as the keystone.
Looking for a place to get started? Try taking one of our proprietary strategic thinking or emotional IQ assessments. You can also access well known assessments like DiSC or Hogan Personality.

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Success Experiences

Todd Averett

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with Kyle on some important projects for almost a year. Kyle is a strategic thinker and does a great job of working with clients to help them think differently, see possibilities, and develop specific, actionable plans to change their businesses. He stays current with the latest thinking and is superb at applying those concepts to real-world situations. Kyle also has a very uplifting, encouraging approach to life and helps people see things as both positive and possible.”​

Lasandra Rice

“I had the pleasure of meeting Kyle, when he was one of my instructors. It was not the easiest environment to teach in, but he was very good at balancing the personal with the professional in a way that kept everyone engaged. He had a deep knowledge of the material, but was able to explain it in a way that we could readily understand.”

Sterling Card

“Kyle Brost has an uncanny skill for seeing the big picture and matching that with meaningful action. He is able to unlock the potential in individuals and organizations, bringing them to new levels of achievement.”


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