Escalate Personal Assessment Questionaire          
  1=Disagree        2=Slightly Disagree        3=Neither Agree nor Disagree        4=Slightly Agree        5=Agree  
Question #  
1 I have complete confidence that if people take small actions everyday, they will achieve their goals
2 I easily make connections between my daily actions and my most important goals
3 I'm very comfortable with ambiguity
4 I believe no matter how much I achieve, there will always be more for me to accomplish
5 I'm always able to appreciate the progress I've made
6 I spend a good amount of time around people who have achieved the things I want to achieve
7 I believe that I can accomplish every goal that I set
8 I believe my potential is as great as anyone else's
9 I see how success is a process of small actions that anyone can take to achieve similar results
10 I'm good at creating milestones and rewarding myself for reaching them
11 When I really think about it, I'm please with the progress I've made in my life
12 I prefer to start now and adapt along the way
13 I'm good at breaking down my big ideas into small actions anyone can take
14 The same steps that worked for other successful people will also work for me
15 I frequently spend time visualizing the achievement of my goals
16 My mistakes encourage me to keep growing
17 I'm comfortable starting things before I know how I will complete them
18 I can always see how to get to the end from the beginning
19 I intentionally and frequently expose myself to different lifestyles and perspectives 
20 I spend time reflecting on how far I've come in life
21 I belief that those who set their mind to it can accomplish bigger goals than they yet imagine
22 I'm enthusiastic about where my life will take me next
23 I can do everything necessary to accomplish my goals, no matter how difficult
24 I always learn and recover from my failures, no matter how big they feel