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Strategic Thinking
Emotional IQ
Strategy Impact
Corporate Social Responsibility

Kyle has trained over 1,500 individuals and leaders on the principles of strategic thinking, strategic leadership, emotional IQ, strategy, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Customer Experience.

yle has helped large and small organizations create solutions to the most complete and challenging problems. From marketplace positioning to executive disagreements, his facilitaiton style will challenge assumptions


Lasandra Rice

“I had the pleasure of meeting Kyle when he was one of my instructors. It was not the easiest environment to teach in, but he was very good at balancing the personal with the professional in a way that kept everyone engaged. He had a deep knowledge of the material, but was able to explain it in a way that we could readily understand.”

Kerwin Brown

“Kyle spoke to our general membership a few times and has a focused and creative approach to connecting with the audience and driving home essential messages. His unique style uses stories and interactions that make the key messages easy to learn and apply to life and work.”

Roberto Vargas

“Kyle has a great natural style and outstanding skills to keep a big room full of people under controlled. As a result, the level of engagement of the group was awesome. I will consider Kyle for future training programs without a doubt.”

Dan Raatjes

“I had the privilege of experiencing Kyle’s energetic and dynamic presentation approach at a recent conference in Maui, HI. The content was excellent, the visuals outstanding and he kept the entire audiences’ attention throughout.”